Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in “Tweedy”

So here it is, my first post! Today I have for you a polish from Sally Hansen’s new “Fuzzy Coat” line. It’s basically micro black and white bar glitter in a clear base. In my opinion, it applies quite well. It starts off as a great topper for a brightly based color, and I think it would make an opaque “wooly-looking” polish in 2-3 coats, depending on how thickly you apply it. For the picture below (in indoor lighting), I used one coat of Tweedy over Sinful Colors’ “Dream On”, but I think it would look good over any bright, neon color, especially one with a pink base.Image

What do you think? Have any of you tried the other Fuzzy Coat polishes?



3 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in “Tweedy”

    • Yeah, it’s a little patchy on it’s own. If you want to get the effect of just wearing it on its own, I recommend using white or black as a base color (at least for this specific color). Hope it works out for you!

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