MOTD- Rue Beauté “004”

Hi everyone! Today I have a quick manicure to show you. I picked up this polish for 50¢ (!!!) at Rue 21 yesterday and I couldn’t wait to try it out! Rue Beauté is Rue 21’s own brand of polishes, and are packaged extremely similar to Color Club laquers. The polishes do not have names, but rather numbers, so this one is numbered “004”. It’s a light, tannish brown, just darker than my own skin tone. It’s kinda like a creamy coffee or latte colored. It’s deliciously shiny, even without top coat! It’s wearable in 2 coats, but I went with 3 coats just to fix up some slight patchiness. While not a typical bright summer color, I think this would be great “for work” polish, and really, you can’t beat the price of 50¢.



What do you think of this coffee colored polish? Have you tried any Rue Beauté products? Have a great day!



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