Sinful Colors Mini-Haul!

Yesterday I was sent to Walgreens to pick up some milk for my mom. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by a huge display for Sinful Colors nail polish, 2 for $3! Being the addict that I am, I couldn’t leave without some, so I picked up 4 pretty amazing colors! Two are quite sheer, one is opaque, and the other is a delightful glitter mix. Let’s get started!

Purple diamond is a sheer, shimmery lilac. It leans a little more to the red side than the blue side of purples. There are also some very fine silver glitters in this polish. I really like it! It’s buildable in 3-4 coats if you don’t want to see the vertical nail line, however, you should beware. This polish does take awhile to dry between coats, no matter how thinly you paint it on. Watch out for unwanted ‘dents’ in your polish! This is 3 coats of Purple Diamond, no top coat.



You Just Wait is a sheer duchrome pink, with green and gold glimmers that can be seen depending on the angle your nails are at and the type of light hitting them. Unfortunately, when I took these pictures, it was dark and stormy, so I couldn’t get an outdoors shot. I actually really disliked this polish, it was too sheer for my taste, dried poorly, and even after 4 coats, I could still see the vertical nail line. I’m kinda disappointed, but for only $1.50, I can’t be too upset. Maybe I’ll try layering it over some other colors and see what it can do. Below are pictures indoors, 4 coats.



Amazonian is a gorgeous shimmery dark emerald green, almost a bit like an alligator green. There are very subtle gold flecks running through this polish. Opaque in just two coats. Definitely like this one. Pictures are indoors, 2 coats (and sorry for the sloppy cuticles and pictures, I had to do this one in a hurry).



The last color I have today is I Dream in Jewels. And how appropriately named, since this is a glitter dream! This polish is full of tiny hexagonal glitters in gold and red in a clear base. There are also holographic silver and gold diamond glitters running throughout the polish. Those need to be “placed” on the nail, but are pretty easy to get out of the bottle. I’m excited to try this one over different colors! Based off of the glitter density, this one might even be opaque on its own in 3-4 coats. Below is one coat over Amazonian, indoor lighting.



Overall, besides the one miss, I’m very happy with my purchases! Sinful Colors is generally pretty good about polishes- they have a great variety of colors and the price is definitely right! I’ll always be going back for more. What do you think? Are Sinful Colors polishes on your must have list?



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