Claire’s Splatter Polish in “Paparazzi”

Hi everyone! While at the mall with a friend yesterday, we stopped by Claire’s to look for some little trinkets. Of course, I made a beeline right for the nail polish rack! Lucky for me, they were having a sale, buy one get one 50% off! So I bought the mini set of the “Precious Metals” Glitter collection (review and swatches to come later) for $10, and then this polish was my 50% off purchase! It was originally $7, but I got it for $3.50. And let me tell you, I’m very happy with my purchase!

“Paparazzi” is essentially a matte glitter bomb. Small white, black, and matte pink hex glitters, medium size pink hex glitters, and large pink hex glitters, along with tiny translucent hex glitters and multiple sizes (from very thick to very thin) pink bar glitter interspersed throughout the rest. Holy perfection! You don’t even really have to place the glitter on the nail (except for the large hexagonal glitters) because the glitter is so dense in the bottle! I only used two coats to clean up the sparser areas because I’m a nail perfectionist, LOL. This makes a great polkadot topcoat, very similar to the new Maybelline polkadot polishes (but this one has pink glitter, instead of the black and white in the Maybelline). Claire’s also had a sky blue and white version of this, and a black and white version. After my love affair with this one, I might go back and get the others! Below are two coats of “Paparazzi” over two coats of Rue Beauté “004”, with the Ulta color-enhancing top coat on top. Indoor lighting.




Claire’s is having a sale right now, 50% off all cosmetics with the purchase of one cosmetic item, and if you spend $20 or more, you get $10 in Claire’s cash, redeemable at the end of August.

What do you think of this awesome polish? Gawdy or amazing? Will you be picking one up for yourself?



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