MOTD- Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Mellow Yellow” With Claire’s Precious Metals Glitter!

Hi everyone!

Today I have for you a quick MOTD, featuring one of the new “Precious Metals” glitter topcoats from Claire’s. Unfortunately, none of these polishes have names, so we’ll just call this one “blue/pink”, since those are the colors of the glitters in it!

First, I’ll discuss the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Mellow Yellow”. While I love this almost “cheesy” yellow polish’s color, it’s not too fun to apply. I found the formula to be somewhat thick, and while it was fairly self-leveling, I still found there to be bald spots, even after 3 coats (and I gave up at three coats because I was too impatient!) It took FOREVER to dry as well. However, it’s still a decent yellow, so the color alone is what saves it for me.

The Claire’s glitter, on the other hand, was a real winner for me. It didn’t require any “positioning” of the glitter, and was to my liking in two thin coats. It also was SUPER fast drying so I hardly had to wait between layers! I think it looks great over the yellow, the three primary colors work well together. It’s almost a comic book effect, in my opinion. Below are pictures in indoor lighting, with 3 coats of “Mellow Yellow”, two coats of the glitter, and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polish in “Flawless” for the base and topcoat.




What do you think? Are you bold enough to try yellow polish? Are you as in love with glitter as I am?

In other, much sadder news, a fellow member of the online beauty community has passed away today. Talia Castellano, age 13, died from her cancer today. Even though cancer took her life in the end, she still won her battle. She inspired so many others, like myself, to “just keep swimming”, no matter how hard things get. And due to her undying commitment to her cause, she’s helped raise awareness to several charities to help bring light to the horrific disease that is childhood cancer. May she rest in peace knowing that she’s touched the world in a beautiful way, and her bright, amazing spirit will never be gone.



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