Throwback Thursday- Black and White Water Marble Nails

Hi everyone!

Today I have an old picture to share with you, since I didn’t get a chance to swatch any new polish shades today. Last year, I had a small obsession with water marbling nail art. I was fascinated with it after watching youtubers (like ilovemylongnails and simplelittlepleasues, to name a few) do it so flawlessly. After mastering the technique (the water temperature is soooo important, it really needs to be very room temperature), I did all sorts of color combinations. This simple black and white one might be my favorite of them all. I always start with a base coat of white, to enhance the color, then used unknown black and white polishes to make the water marble “bullseye”, and draw the design with toothpicks. I taped my cuticles around the nail to prevent making a giant mess (though isn’t making a mess always inevitable?) and dipped away! Here’s a (low quality) picture of the result.


I’m super thrilled with how this old nail art turned out. Maybe I’ll do some more in the near future with some of the fun new colors I’ve acquired as of late. What color combos would you all like to see? Have any of you tried water marbling?



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