Nail Art- Summer Neon Water Marble

Hi everyone!

So yesterday’s “flashback” post inspired me to try some water marble nail art again. I hadn’t done it in about a year (school has been crazy with AP’s and extracurriculars!) so I had to get the hang of it again. And let me tell you, I made a hugeee mess in the process! To add to the length of time it took to (finally!!!) get it right, I completely botched the white nail polish (that I use as a base for the design) on my entire left hand and had to stop, remove it, and start over again. I’m really such a klutz sometimes! In the end though, I’m satisfied with the results.

My original plan for this design was to mix all four colors (orange, green, blue, and pink) together in one design, but when i started making the bullseye, I found out the four of them together didn’t play nice. Instead, I flip-flopped between green and orange on one nail and pink and blue on another, because those two combinations worked in the water (I used room temperature bottled water). The colors I used for this design are as follows:

Rue Beauté orange polish in color 145

Rue Beauté scented green polish (smells like mint!) in color 031

dELIA’s blue polish in “Blue-Mint”

Claire’s hot pink polish in “Hot Stuff”

Below are pictures of the final result. The white polish I used as a base was Ulta Salon Formula Nail Laquer in “Snow White”, and the base and top coat are, as always, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polish in “Flawless”.

ImageRight Hand

ImageRight Hand

ImageLeft Hand

ImageLeft Hand

I apologize for the pictures for this one, it was picking up the orange all kinds of wrong. In these pictures, it looks like an orange-y red or a dark peach, when in reality it’s a real in-your-face neon orange. All these colors are much more eye-searing in person.

So what do you think of my latest water-marble creation? Are you a fan of summer neons?



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