Nail Art- New York/Wicked Water Marble

Hi guys!

So today’s post is gonna be realllllllyyyyy quick, because I’m dead tired. I just got back from a day trip with my mom; we went to the Big Apple to see Wicked on Broadway! If you haven’t been before, I’d highly recommend you do if you have the chance, the show was fantastic! The singing was phenomenal and the sets and costumes and special effects were also amazing. The only flaw? The Gershwin Theater is freezing cold! It was 90 degrees outside and we were all bundled up in our sweaters trying our best to stay warm! Walking out into the stifling heat after the show ended never felt so good!


On to the nails. I decided to go with an “Emerald City” themed water marble, in honor of the show I went to see. I used two colors in this water marble (besides my standard Sinful Colors “Snow Me White” for the base):

Green: Rue Beauté Nail Polish in Color 033 (in the bottle it looks like a deep blue/teal color, but in water marbling, it turns out as a rich, blue-based emerald creme)

Silver: Ulta Salon Formula Nail Laquer in “Bare Minimum”

Below are the pictures, with one coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Color in “Flawless” as my top and base coat. Indoor, artificial lighting.




Sorry for how messy the cuticles are, when I took these pictures, I was in a hurry since I was packing my purse for my trip the next day!

I hope you all aren’t getting too tired of water marbling. I’ll try and post other things in the next coming days. I bought 3 polishes in NYC, and I’m going back Saturday, so I might even get more still! What are your thoughts on this Wicked-inspired manicure? What’s your favorite Broadway show?



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