Chinese-Inspired MOTD w/ New Love and Beauty Glitter!

Hi everyone!

Today I have for you another of the polishes that I bought from Forever 21 in NYC. As it happens, I’ll be going there again tomorrow with my best friend! We’re going to see a show at the Lincoln Center called “Monkey: Journey to the West”. It’s completely in Mandarin Chinese and features Chinese music and dancing. My Chinese skills are nonexistent, so I hope my friend will help translate for me, lol! Luckily there are English subtitles, so I can still understand what’s going on!

In honor of the show I’m seeing tomorrow, I’m wearing red and gold nail polishes, in honor of the traditional colors of the Chinese flag. The red I chose to use is an Ulta Salon Formula Nail Laquer (in the old, rectangular bottles, as opposed to the new cylindrical ones) in the color “Ruby Slipper”. The red is deep, rich, and for a shimmery-frosty color, the brush strokes are extremely manageable. It’s almost a one coater for me! To ensure it was perfect, though, I used two coats.

The gold glitter is the Love and Beauty Forever 21 polish I got in NYC, and its name is “Gold”. I know, what a creative name for a gold glitter. But while it’s got a boring name, it’s by no means a boring color! “Gold” has tiny gold glitters mixed in with medium gold and holographic gold hex glitters. The glitter is pretty easy to manage (the formula isn’t too thick) and with two coats, the glitter spreads fairly evenly, so you won’t have to do too much glitter placement. I love this combo together so much! I think it’s perfect for the occasion, and highly sophisticated. Below are pictures in artificial, indoor lighting, with a base coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Color in “Flawless”, no topcoat.




What do you think of this glistening combination of colors? Do you like fun, punchy glitters like this one? Let me know!



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