A Small Experiment

Hey everyone!

So I’m trying something new. I created an identical blog (with all of my posts from this wordpress blog) on Blogger by Google. Since I’m still relatively new to the blogging world, I want to try both templates to see which one works better for me and for my viewers. I would really appreciate it if you give the new layout a quick glance and let me know what you think, and leave me a comment either on my Blogger page or this page here about your opinion. I want to do what’s best for both myself and my readers, so your feedback is important! My Blogger domain is currently here . Please give it a look (it’s still a work in progress) and let me know what your preferred format is! And don’t worry, there are plenty of new nail posts to come!


4 thoughts on “A Small Experiment

  1. [ Smiles ] The one on Google Blogger looks way better. However, WordPress is the best place to blog.

    I would suggest that you try out a new WordPress theme.

  2. I like the format of the new one, but I think you should stay with WordPress a little longer to keep trying new themes. I would recommend a private “test blog” so you can try out new, free themes easily. (this might be a good thing to do before buying the Premium)
    Whatever you decide, you’ll still have a great blog ❤


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