MOTD- Love and Beauty “Red”

Hi guys!

Today I have for you a really pretty polish from Forever 21’s makeup line, “Love and Beauty”. And quite honestly, it’s the strangest name I’ve come across for a polish, because this polish isn’t red at all…. it’s a bright, raspberry pink. Oh Love and Beauty. You really do fail in the naming department sometimes. That being said, I’m really in love with this polish, so let’s get to it!

Love and Beauty "Red"

Love and Beauty “Red”

Love and Beauty “Red” is a rich, raspberry pink jelly polish with tiny glass flecks throughout. The glass flecks aren’t obvious at first, but they really shine in the sun! The polish is fairly sheer, so it takes 2-3 coats to build up. In person, it looks really squishy, like a plump berry ready to burst with its sweet juice. The glass flecks add an extra depth to the polish that makes it very unique. The name really does not do this fantastic polish justice. I’ll add a bottle shot to the photo mix to try and show the depth of the glass flecks. The pictures below are 3 coats of “Red”, with no topcoat.






Natural indoor lighting

Natural indoor lighting

Indoor bottle shot (to see the glass flecks)

Indoor bottle shot (to see the glass flecks)

I’m pretty enamored with this polish, it looks a little different every time I look at it! Have you tried any of the Love and Beauty nail polishes? Which is your favorite? Love and Beauty nail polishes are available at Forever 21 stores and on their website, here. A hint to bargain shoppers? Search through the Forever 21 sale bins. I found this polish there for 99¢! These polishes generally retail for $2.80.





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