MOTD- Funky Fingers “Jawbreaker”

Hi everyone!

I went college visiting today and saw Haverford, and I really liked it! I’m a big fan of small, liberal arts colleges, and definitely plan on going to one next year! For my college visit, I chose a unique, fun glitter polish very reminiscent of what Indie polish makers (such as Dollish Polish or A-England, to name just a few) because of the mix of glitters. I picked up this polish at FiveBelow in a deal- 3 nail polishes for $5! The packaging of these polishes is unique- the bottle is wider at the bottom. The bottle itself feels a little like cheap plastic as opposed to a more expensive brand like OPI or China Glaze, but the polish inside is of a much better quality. So let’s look at this glitter bomb!



Jawbreaker is a glitter explosion in a milky, off-white base (the base color leaned towards a very pale, pastel pink for me). There is all kinds of glitter in this bottle- large hex glitters in matte yellow, dark pink, teal, and lavender, medium size hex glitters in the same color (the purple is a bit darker though), and mini, red hex glitters. This polish really does remind me of a jaw breaker candy! Below is a comparison, lol.

Jawbreaker candy

  Jawbreaker candy

Jawbreaker Nail Polish
Jawbreaker Nail Polish


Pretty similar, no? Here are some more pictures of this pretty polish!

Natural, Indoor light

Natural, Indoor light



Interestingly, my bottle of Jawbreaker looks different than other bottles. I saw a recent post by Nailmattic (link to the post is here) in which she reviewed Jawbreaker as well. Her bottle, however, seemed to have a much more opaque white base that was a pure white, and hers also had red bar glitters in it that mine did not. I wonder why there are such large  inconsistencies between batches.

Regardless, I think this polish is super fun and whimsical, and to be honest, makes me really want a jawbreaker, lol! Funky Fingers nail polish retails at FiveBelow stores, 3 for $5 or $2 each. Despite their low cost, they are a 3-Free brand.






3 thoughts on “MOTD- Funky Fingers “Jawbreaker”

  1. For me, I used a one coat of white polish, when I put it on one finger I found that it was too thin coated for my liking. That one layer of white polish as the base helps, try it when you get a chance. It still looks good on you anyhow 🙂

    • Ahh, that makes sense, I might try that sometime (if I even want to wear this polish again after removing it, something tells me the glitter is going to be a pain!) It looks great on you as well, the glitter really pops against the bright white!

  2. I got so many compliments on this polish. I had the stylists at the “nice” salon I go to swearing they were going to FiveBelow to get their own bottles ASAP.

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